Top 10 things you should know about the relaunch of Nokia 3310

Alert, Alert, Alert! Nokia 3310 is here!
Too dramatic? Well, I would not say so when you get your hands on the top gossip in our tech-world!
As per the rumour spreading like forest fire, Nokia is all set to relaunch it’s beloved 3310 model!
Yes, yes, you heard it right! The same, old, forever, indestructible, never ending battery life, highly used model for memes and nostalgic images on social media, is all set to be revamped and relaunched. So the dramatics were necessary, weren’t they ?
So here we are summarising 10 things  regarding the relaunch of Nokia 3310 that you should all be aware of:

1. When and where:

The iconic gadget is reported to be revived in the World Mobile Congress to be held at the end of this month.

2. Price of Nokia 3310:

 The buzz regarding the price quotes it to be EUR 59 ( Roughly over Rs.4000 )

3. Battery Life:

 While our current smart phones struggle to survive even for a day, the Nokia reboot is set to be following the original Nokia 3310’s path which would go one for a week with battery issues or more at times if you are lucky!
Being the most popular phone had it’s perks, almost every one had a charger or even better, the simple battery allowed it to be easily removed and swaped.

4. Indestructible, literally:

Imagine throwing the current smart phones on the floor, accidentally stamping or scratching them! I know, I know we all have our “Oh, noooooooo” faces on trying to save the great fall.

But the Nokia 3310 was the sturdiest phone of the era, with holding even a throw on the brick wall ! The legendary phone required no screen guards for longer life.

5. Let’s Game!:

We have all spent hours jabbing on the chubby keypad of Nokia’s candy phone playing the Legendary Game Snakes. Let’s hope the revived version also has Snake’s packed in it along with Pair II, Space Impact and Bantumi. Nokia 3310 was definitely a super smart phone for it’s time.

6. Storage:

Our beloved phone originally offered an option to customize your own ringtone and store up to 7 of them. It is now rumoured to have its memory boost up and expandable.

7. Colour, colour:

The Nokia 3310 came up in several colours unlike the boring, monotonous colours of the current smart phones. The shells could be replaced and changed, available in varied colours.

8. Target Audience:

Well, with the age of smart phones, will such a minimalistic phone hold any value? The target audience for this phone might be the developing countries where till date the ratio of smart phone purchases is less than minimalist phones. It shall focus on the audience looking for the basic utilities which do not run away due to battery issues and app stampede.

9. Additional features:

The look of the phone is a mystery yet to be unveiled. Whether the rumour regarding the phone having a camera, high storage options, multi colour screen and capacity to operate various apps is yet to be determined.

10. Anticipation at it’s best:

Although Nokia has not confirmed any of the above rumours, there is nothing wrong in anticipating how our most reliable phone will be revamped and relaunched !

So stay tuned with us to get the latest update on not just relaunch of the most popular phone but for all the tech updates!